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Typical Family in USA



United State of America is the third largest country in the world. Not to mention with its population over 325 million. The country has developed from its Native American roots following a succession of waves of colonization and has drawn in people from all over the world.  As a result, it is one of the most culturally varied places in the world, often designated as a ‘melting pot’. In such a huge country it is almost impossible to describe a ‘typical’ American. So, in this article let’s take you guys on a short trip to USA. Then, you guys can have a broad knowledge about USA and lifestyles there.

Family Relationship


Nowadays only about one-quarter of all families involve of a traditional nuclear family, and more than half of all families have no children. The family remains central to US society, and more than half of unmarried adults between the ages of 18 and 24 still live with their parents. Even so, the American family has changed considerably in recent decades. One out of every four children is born out of marriage, and there has been a large increase in the number of single-parent families.

In many families where both the husband and wife work outside the home, men are expected to share household duties. A major percentage of all working Americans are women. Men have also been playing an increasing role in raising their children. With both parents working, the use of, and need for, day care facilities are increasing; this is especially true for single-parent families. Among the growing proportion of the elderly population, many prefer to live in their own homes and maintain their independence. Those who cannot care for themselves may live in retirement communities or other institutions, or with their adult children. However, extended families are not common in the US. It is common to move from one region of the country to another for education, employment, or simply a change of climate and scenery.  The US family is more moveable than in many other societies. Some people may move 15 times or more during a lifetime. Although many couples choose to live together before, or instead of, marriage, the marriage rate is one of the highest in western societies-but the divorce rate is also the worlds highest. Weddings vary in style according to religion, region, ethnic origins, and wealth. Both religious and secular people may be legally authorized to perform weddings. The average age for marriage is 26 for men and 24 for women.

Having a great time in USA


The original pioneers in America were often driven by a desire to find religious freedom and religion is still very important in American society. Almost every known religion is practiced in America and only 23% of Americans identify themselves as having no religion, according to research by the Pew Research Center. Around 71% identify themselves as Christian and there are growing populations of Muslim and Buddhist followers. Religious freedom is an important principle in America and the constitution separates religion and the State, although the country is not without cases of religious persecution of minorities.

Most cities offer houses of worship for most major religions, enabling people to continue their religious practice.



There is no formal language in the US, though some states have official or favorite languages. English is the dominant language and 90% of the population speaks at least some English. Spanish, Chinese, French and German are the most common other languages. However, it is expected that around 20% of the population speak a language other than English at home.


Baseball, basketball, football (American football rather than soccer) and ice hockey are very popular, dominating TV schedules and drawing large crowds. Each of these sports is more popular than elsewhere in the world and are quintessentially American sports. Sport is a central part of American society both as a participation activity and for audiences. Other sports, such as soccer, athletics, tennis, golf are also popular, as is the pursuit of fitness and the outdoor life, including jogging, aerobics, skiing and other participation sports.



You can be as yourself in USA



Hard work is regarded as one of the core values of America and many employment contracts include much lower vacation time than would be offered by most European employers. New employees often get two weeks’ vacation initially and can then build additional weeks based on longevity with the company.

Americans have a reputation for being outgoing and direct talking and this can take a little getting used to for those from countries where people are more reserved.  They are often very sociable and will readily welcome people into their homes. In many places special groups are set up to welcome newcomers into the neighborhood.  Americans are generally patriotic and disrespect of the country or the national anthem is severely frowned upon. The pledge of allegiance is said each morning in most schools and the national anthem is generally sung at major sporting events. The stars and stripes flag is flown in many public locations and outside many people’s homes, especially on holidays like Independence Day on July 4th. The American flag must never be allowed to touch the ground and even inadvertently allowing it to hang touching the ground can prompt an adverse reaction from neighbors. Different regions of America have been influenced to different degrees by the different ethnicities and cultures giving each a unique balance. They are drawn together by a belief in the ‘American Dream’, the idea that with hard work and talent anyone can achieve great success and wealth. Success is praised and admired rather than envied, and this is one of the things that makes a major impression on newcomers from other countries.


News on TV tends to be very local and for most people there is very limited exposure to news about other parts of the world. Only 36% of the population have passports compared to 60% of Canadians and 75% of Britons and Australians. Americans are the second most well-travelled people in the world, but much of this is done within the US and only one in five travel abroad. Although many never move far from their home towns, most Americans are prepared to relocate to different parts of the country to work.




Things to Know About U.S. Culture


Think BIG


Where other countries emphasize being practical, compact and concise, Americans often prefer large and luxurious. Don’t be surprised by the vast trucks and huge SUVs sprawling across parking lots. Americans like their space. To them, large can be practical. Think big also applies to American food: most restaurants serve very large portions. It’s not uncommon for someone to order a sizable meal and then take the remainder home as leftovers.

Open lifestyle in USA

Eating on the run “To-go” concept


We  may be surprised to see Americans walking around with coffee mugs, beverages, or food packaged in to-go containers. You’ll probably see people eating a slice of pizza on the street (especially in New York City) or drinking a cappuccino while in line at the bank. We ’ll notice that drive-thru windows are common at fast-food restaurants around the country; according to DoSomething.org, 20% of all American meals are eating in the car. For many Americans, there isn’t enough time to sit down in a café and enjoy a cup of coffee, or relax for a few minutes and eat a snack, so we’ll often receive them order their food and drinks “to go.”




From a young age, children are encouraged to work hard and try their best to succeed at a task, particularly in academics, sports, and other hobbies. Like many other cultures, Americans thrive on competition. Universities tend to be very competitive, so parents prepare their kids early for the admissions process. Some high schools and even pre-schools have competitive admission, and even Girl Scouts vie to sell the most cookies during fundraising drives to earn great prizes. We  will see that many Americans are ambitious as well. They are proactive and if they want to accomplish something, they go for it. They don’t tend to sit back and wait for others to catch up.

You can live freely as you want

Going out to eat or ordering take-out

Eating out allows Americans to explore new cuisines and food varieties. Even in small American towns, you’re likely to find pizza, Chinese, Japanese, or Mexican food. In larger cities, you’ll find restaurants devoted to Ethiopian, Brazilian, or Afghani cuisine. Americans eat out not only in the interest of time and convenience, but because it’s fun! The U.S. is a melting pot of different cultures, bringing along a variety of tasty food options. It’s important to keep in mind that people’s habits always differ. Some people rarely eat out, but it is not uncommon for Americans to eat out several times a week. In addition to bringing lunch from home, many Americans get take-out for lunch or go out to lunch everyday.

So, wrap this up, USA really an amazing country to live. You can be all by yourself.

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