Open Orphanage By loveJesus in Jesus name 2023

Open Orphanage



🕆 Serve the Lord, Jesus Christ, by providing free and open source software for orphanages, to help manage their operations and communications and to aid with meeting needs through fundraising and sponsorship.


The project is still in early stages. We have are working on an Android app that we are hoping to make it easier for on-site people at the orphanage to keep the children on site updated and able to communicate with sponsors. Right now it allows the creation of children, their listing on a page, and some routing for sponsors to sign up to the site. It can email the website owners about which child a sponsor is interested in, as well as signing up sponsors as stripe customers to register for monthly sponsorships. Currently, no payments are taken on site but we hope to incorporate this in our next release.


Please one more PV Before Get Code

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